Boff at 25

Rebranding and processes

At 25 years, we have grown from a small company with staff strength of four to becoming one of the topmost and well-respected Insurance brokers in the Insurance Industry in Nigeria. Therefore, thoughts of having a new look and feel became pertinent. In addition to introducing a new logo to the world (in a very competitive industry), our challenge was to tell the story between clients and insurance brokers in an approachable way and to combine a feeling of authority with a small hint of playfulness.

Redesigning our brand identity.

Our new logo visually depicts two interlocking rings. This shows a networking link between clients and the insurance brokers as empowered by our staff. The colour Purple symbolizes nobility and trust as the essential attributes of a custodian of customers’ confidence. The Orange colour promotes a sense of general wellness and emotional energy that should be shared, such as joy, sunshine, compassion, passion, and warmth which are the core essences of our brand.


A set of icons were customized focusing on the new colour palette. The icons were designed primarily for easy navigation and also to reduce content readable about our products and services.

Website Redesign.

Boff & Co collaborated with Big and Bold to produce a comprehensive brand experience that harkens trustworthy insurance energy. We were able to build a user-friendly, clean and mobile responsive website with a unique choice of color palette.